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  Yazoo Parts Manuals


Currently we are only handling parts for Yazoo. 

Please call or email for orders.


Yazoo Parts Manual Downloads (note: Please use above link for more models)

Yazoo Parts/Repair Manual:  YR-36, YR-42, YR-48, YR-60, YR-76 (PDF 4.70 MB)

Yazoo Parts/Repair Manual:  Red Rider YR30-1  (PDF 2.59 MB)

Yazoo Parts/Repair Manual: PSR-60 Deck  (PDF 2.30 MB)

Yazoo Owner's Manual: YHRLK23, YHRLW20, YHRLK20, YHRK20, YHRLK18, YHRK18  (PDF  10.2 MB)


If you have any questions please Call us at 605-589-3909 or Email us: tws@sdhay.com

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